“Keepers of the Wild" is a non-profit sanctuary dedicated to the dignified rescue of exotic animals. Internationally recognized, it is our goal to build a facility that will be the standard for all future animal parks ... with educational and research facilities that span all ages; and diverse programs that offer our visitors artistic and cultural experiences indicative of the countries that our animals come from. We will keep to the high “no breeding”standards that we started with and strive to make the publicaware of the challenges faced by some of the world’s most exoticand beautiful animals.”


Keepers of the Wild Park Sign

 Jonathan Kraft, Founder & Director
 13441 East Highway 66
Valentine, Arizona 86437
(928) 769-1800

Keepers of the Wild Valintine AZ

Bring the kids and family out for a funfilled day at Keepers of the Wild Nature Park.  Along with your exciting adventure you can experience walking and hiking trail and unique look outs throughout the park.  There are great photo ops opportunities and many benches stratigically placed in cool, shaded misted areas for your comfort.